Modern for Wikipedia

A redesigned user interface for Wikipedia

A new look for Wikipedia

Enhance your Wikipedia experience with a beautiful, clean, modern design that's fully customizable.

Once installed, Modern will simply apply the new look and features to existing Wikipedia article pages, without you having to do anything.

All current features on Wikipedia are supported, this extension simply builds upon the existing interface to offer many improvements, including:

  • Themes (light, dark, sepia, slate, black)
  • Fonts (sans, serif, change font size)
  • Styles (column width, line height)
  • History (quickly jump to articles you've previously viewed)
  • Search (powerful autocomplete with preview text & images)
  • Trending (see today's most read articles)
  • Contents (fixed to left side for easy navigation, can be hidden)
  • Languages (menu to switch, fully translated interface)
  • User accounts (all wikipedia features accessible from menu)
  • Editing (full editing controls, history, watch etc)
  • Switch back to the old design (if needed) with one click
  • More improvements planned for upcoming releases!

Modern for Wikipedia only works on desktop or laptop computers

Please come back to this website on a desktop or laptop computer to use Modern for Wikipedia.

Install now

Modern for Wikipedia is a free extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Click the button below to install:

How to install on Microsoft Edge

1. Click the "Add to Edge" button above to go to the Chrome Web Store. Then click "Allow extensions from other stores":

2. Click "Allow" when prompted:

3. Click "Add to Chrome" to install:

Also available for Firefox and Microsoft Edge